3D Bird Reconstruction: a Dataset, Model, and Shape Recovery from a Single View

Aviary bird pose from mesh


Automated capture of animal pose is transforming how we study neuroscience and social behavior. Movements carry important social cues, but current methods are not able to robustly estimate pose and shape of animals, particularly for social animals such as birds, which are often occluded by each other and objects in the environment. To address this problem, we first introduce a model and multi-view optimization approach, which we use to capture the unique shape and pose space displayed by live birds. We then introduce a pipeline and experiments for keypoint, mask, pose, and shape regression that recovers accurate avian postures from single views. Finally, we provide extensive multi-view keypoint and mask annotations collected from a group of 15 social birds housed together in an outdoor aviary. The project website with videos, results, code, mesh model, and the Penn Aviary Dataset can be found at this URL.

Bernd Pfrommer
Bernd Pfrommer
Visiting Scholar

My research interests include computer vision, autonomous systems, and machine learning